Chapter Activities

 Chapter 203 (Chattanooga)

On Veterans Day at the Wall, Chapter 203, without question or comparison, was the best prepared and best outfitted of the 32 VVA states represented for The Massing of the Colors in observance of the 40th anniversary of The Wall.Tennessee was represented with honor and precision and we should all be proud (see attached photos).Unfortunately, the day was miserable, weather-wise, and did not allow for the parade as originally planned, however, the states represented were allowed a limited march down the side of the Wall.  The rain did cease during the ceremonies, only to start again as we were re-loading the bus back to VVA.

 Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin was the keynote speaker, Chuck Hagel, former SecDef and VA Secretary McDonough also spoke.  Wreaths from all veteran service organizations were placed at the Wall at the conclusion of the ceremonies.  VVA and AVVA were well represented.

 I will be sending out further information about the Board of Directors’ and Committee meetings later, but I didn’t want to wait to say a huge Thank You to Chapter 203 for traveling to D.C for the Massing of the Colors and for representing Tennessee in such a professional manner.


Chapter 240  (Hendersonville)


In 2009, Chapter 240 consolidated and moved its 2 Food Banks into 1 located in Hendersonville. The Chapter serves disadvantaged veterans and their families plus survivors of Sumner County.  We are open every Saturday from 9AM – 11AM, and we are available for appointments for those unable to attend our regular distribution.Since 2009, we have only missed being open 4 times.  Three times for inclement weather and we were closed this past Christmas.

Upon consolidation of the Food Banks, the Chapter applied for and was awarded a $15,000 grant in order to begin purchasing food items from 2nd Harvest Food Bank in Nashville.  The following year, we were awarded $10,000.

We have now grown to a point where we now also receive donations from community churches, businesses and individuals.


For a veteran to receive food support, we necessarily had to implement a rigorous application process due to several early folks who attempted to scam us.  However, using this process, we have discovered that we learn more about the veteran where suggestions for employment, claims, etc. can be made.


Chapter 1113 (Memphis)

The chapter has undertaken the task of renovating a golf course for area veterans (click on link below).

All Veterans Golf Plex

Memorial Day Car Show see link below


Chapter 1123 (Perry County/Linden)

New monuments for all veterans were erected in November 2019 and the Korean/Vietnam Monument was placed.

A total of  ​473 bricks were sold and they will be placed in two areas at the Courthouse and one area around the Lobelville Monument at City Hall.
Photos courtesy of Delaine Hester.)

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Chapter 1140


Chapter 1143 (Greeneville)

The chapter received its charter and was presented the VVA flag by TSC President Terry Yates (left rear). Special guest was Greene County Mayor Kevin Morrison (right).


The following named individuals received the Vietnam War 50 Year Commemorative pin, and Certificate:
Mary Ann Ehrhardt, James Cagle, Don Underhill, Jeff Daniel, John Lee, James Mulligan, Larry Neeley,  
Terry Queen, Jerry Weems, Al Woods, and Daniel Pate.  Presenting Awards to deserving folks
#1 John Cunningham is Chapter 950’s Sergeant at Arms and has been very active in the chapter.
#2 Donald James owns a wrecker service in Dickson, TN. and does not charge veterans for tow service.
#3Jeff Bledsoe is the former Sheriff for Dickson County and is now President of the Tennessee Sheriff’s Association.
The following named individuals received the Vietnam War 50 Year Commemorative pin, and Certificate:
Mary Ann Ehrhardt, James Cagle, Don Underhill, Jeff Daniel, John Lee, James Mulligan, Larry Neeley,  
Terry Queen, Jerry Weems, Al Woods, and Daniel Pate.📱

Chapter 1113

Hosted a Disc Golf event for Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA) and Blind Veterans yesterday at the Chapter’s golf facility.  It was an honor for me to represent TSC and to have the opportunity to interact with these veterans and watch them having a tremendous & fun time.  PVA had even had a Disc Golf pro come in from Virginia to introduce the group to the sport and to walk them through which discs to us for driving, chip shots and putting.  Future plans include a course for these veterans with the discs and ‘goals/baskets’ to have beepers which will enable our blind veterans to continue the sport.
Congratulations and thanks to Chapter 1113 for reaching out and working with/hosting these veteran groups and for the hard work the Chapter is putting forth with improvements/additions to their facility,  Possibly, in the future, TSC can sponsor an event/meeting at Chapter 1113’s facility and play a round of golf.

Chapter 1053, Waverly, Memorial Day remembrance program. Jerry Pounds remembered the names of Dickson County heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice in Vietnam May we never forget, Barry

Ann and I had the opportunity to visit Chapter 203 yesterday in observance of their Vietnam Veterans & Spousal Support Day. The heat was oppressive but not so much as to keep fellow Brothers and their spouse(s) from enjoying the festivities and in remembrance of Brothers lost as memorialized on The Tennessee Wall Unfortunately, we missed the Chapter's "The Proper Way To Retire The American Flag" Program on Friday, but it was recorded here: Thanks for the invite Chapter 203 - a special day indeed, Barry

All are invited to attend the Dedication Ceremony of Chapter 1078 for this beautiful Memorial for Vietnam Veterans on Tuesday August 9th at Worlds Fair Park (next to the East TN Memorial), in Knoxville, TN.

Look forward to seeing you there. 

Barry Rice TSC President

Chapter 1078

Dedicate the East Tennessee Vietnam Memorial today in Knoxville. It was a remarkable yet humbling ceremony remembering and honoring the East Tennessee Vietnam Veterans.

The program began with the landing of a Huey (the sound of the Huey alone set the stage for many somber memories), a few notable speakers, the unveiling of the memorial and the awarding to Ron Kirby of the stunning quilt designed by Donna Buswell. The Chapter concluded by awarding 50 year commemoriation pin to a number of Vietnam Veterans.