“Never again will one generation of veterans abandon another.”

This is our promise to all veterans.

Welcome to the Tennessee State Council (TSC) website.  The primary function of the State Council is to provide management guidance and administrative support for the 27 Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) chapters within the state.  In addition, the Council may, from time to time, be responsible for various state-wide initiatives.  The Council is comprised of delegates from each of the Chapters, plus the President of the Associates of Vietnam Veterans of America Tennessee Association, Inc. 
     The Tennessee State Council’s mission is to foster, encourage, educate, and promote improvement of the condition of Tennessee’s veterans.  Furthermore, to support the veteran and their families as they conquer the conflicts associated with the veteran’s reentry into society.  To enable this mission, the TSC is involved directly with and/or supports projects and programs in the State of Tennessee through a network of 27 Vietnam Veterans of America Chapters. 

     Projects and programs supported by the Tennessee State Council include:

  • Financially assist veterans, veteran’s organizations, and veteran-related activities on a case-by-case basis.  Consideration is given, but not limited to, disabled veterans, ill, needy, and homeless veterans; families of the forenamed veterans, and educational events, etc.
  • Provide food for needy veterans and their families through various food programs.
  • Conduct Agent Orange Town Hall Meetings to inform and provide a platform for answering health questions regarding veteran’s exposure to herbicides in Vietnam with Veterans Service Officers present to initiate claims for VA benefits.
  • Promote public awareness of specific issues such as health, PTSD, Agent Orange, and claims for benefits.
  • Seek full access to quality healthcare for veterans.
  • Offer educational programs on benefits for veteran’s families and survivors of veterans.
  • Encourage full awareness of and accounting for all POW/MIA’s.
  • Project a positive public image of Vietnam Veterans.
  • Support the current generation and future generations of America’s war veterans.
  • Financially assist the 27 Tennessee VVA Chapters.
  • Volunteer at VA Medical Centers and Veteran Nursing Homes throughout Tennessee.

Privacy Notice

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To ensure that our site is accessible to as many people as possible, we do monitor the aggregate number of visitors to the different pages on our site and also may keep track of the various types of web browsers used by our viewers. Unless excluded by the Tennessee Public Records Act or other state law, most of the information contained in documents is open to the public. This Privacy Statement does not alter the public accessibility of that information.