Beverly Pounds, President

Susan Price, Vice President

Ann Rice, Secretary 

Linda Yates, Treasurer


Chapter 203, Inc. (Chattanooga):  President, Susan Price

Chapter 240, Inc. (Sumner County):  President, Ann Rice

Chapter 262 (Pulaski):  Currently inactive.

Chapter 596 (Cleveland):  Point of Contact (POC):  Linda Casper

Chapter 875 (Memphis):  Point of Contact (POC):  Becky Newport

Chapter 950, Inc. (Dickson):  President, Linda Finch

Chapter 1004, Inc. (Lebanon):  President, Linda Yates

Chapter 1015, Inc. (Cumberland Plateau/Crossville):  President Roxanne Smith

Chapter 1053 (Humphreys County/Waverly):  Chapter Rep, Tena Woods

Chapter 1073 (Morristown):  Point of Contact (POC):  Judith (Timmi) Oaks

Chapter 1112 (McMinnville):  Currently inactive.

Chapter 1113 (Memphis):  Point of Contact (POC):  Cartina Perkins

Chapter 1146 (Woodbury):  Point of Contact (POC):  Patsy Hirlston