PTSD and Suicide Prevention

Veterans’ Crisis Line:  1-800-273-8255

We have presented a series of PTSD Town Hall Meetings across Tennessee, which focused on PTSD and veteran suicides. These meetings were an opportunity for veterans and their families to learn more about PTSD, the available treatment options and services, and allow attendees to speak with treatment providers and Veteran Services Officers about potential VA benefits. Meeting topics included:

  • A History of PTSD – You may be surprised!
  • PTSD-affected veterans living positive and professional lives.
  • Seminar on symptoms and treatment options by PTSD-qualified counselors.
  • Question and Answer session.
  • Veteran Service Officers available to answer questions about VA benefits claims.

We are passionate about the battle against the rising suicide rate and are determined to reach out to active-duty, military veterans, and their families.