Chapter 1078 receiving the Tier I Membership Achievement Award for 106% Growth June 2022- May 2023

Chapter 950 Received the Tier II Membership Achievement Award for 131% growth June 2022 – May 2023 

Chapter 1148 Received the Tier III Membership Achievement Award for 533% Growth June 2022 – May 2023

Chapter 203 received the Membership Comeback Award – June 2022 – May 2023 Lost 29 Members , then in May 2023 ha d 941 members by gaining back 60 members

Chapter 240 received the Community Involvement Award 

John Robinson,  Chapter 1140 was awarded the TSC Member of the Year. John has been involved in everything Chapter 1140 does and his tireless efforts bring distinction on him and Chapter 1140

It was an Honor to present Charlie Hobbs with the 1st President’s Award. Charlie has excelled over the years as Chapter 203 President, TSC President, Chair of VVA Membership Affairs Committee and At-Large Board of Director. He is also a recipient of VVA’s highest award- The Commendation Medal and AVVA President’s Commendation Medal

Bob Schricker, Chapter 240 received the President’s Award for unparrelled service to veterans and their families. Bob’s Compassion and tireless efforts  to support our physically disabled, disadvantaged and other veterans is truly admirable and appreciated. Bob is also the recipient of the VVA Achievement Medal, which he wears proudly.

AVVA is to be highly commended for their Survivor Benefits program(s) which several Tennessee AVVA Chapters are actively offering. It’s a program to share the information and, in many cases the appropriate forms, for a spouse to understand what benefits may be available upon their loved one’s passing.
One of those benefits is the potential of DIC (Dependent Indemnity Compensation). In today’s topsy-turvy economy, every bit of income helps when a spouse has lost her/his loved one.
Unfortunately, there are many spouses who may not even be aware of the potential of receiving DIC upon their loved one’s passing. Plus, there are many veterans who have never filed a claim in the 1st place, so expecting their spouse to know anything about potential benefits is usually futile. And, these same spouses may not have ever heard of AVVA’s Spousal Benefits program.
Last week I visited with our Sumner County VSO to discuss how Chapter 240 and Chapter 240’s AVVA (Ann was with me) Chapter in getting the word out about the potential of DIC to all veteran’s spouses, when the veteran had maybe passed some time ago. More discussion and planning to follow, but we’re not going to let any grass grow under our feet when it comes to helping educate all veteran’s spouses (whether veteran has passed or not) about the potential of DIC.
Coincidentally, approximately an hour after I left our VSO, a friend called and told me how one of their employee’s father (an in-country Vietnam Veteran) had recently passed. She asked if there would be any benefits for the spouse, and of course I first asked if he had ever filed a claim. No, he had not and never registered with VA. Upon finding out he passed from Heart Disease, a potential presumptive, I instructed her to get a copy of the marriage license, DD214 and death certificate and I made an appointment for the son/employee with our VSO. The widow is on the verge of being moved into a medium-care facility.
The current amount for DIC is $1,437.66/month. If the marriage has lasted 8+ years, the spouse gets an additional $305.28. And then, if spouse is eligible for Aid & Attendance, they could receive an additional $356.16, OR if classified as Housebound, they could receive $166.85. Spouse would not receive Aid & Attendance AND Housebound – one or the other.
I urge all Chapters to work with your AVVA, or if your Chapter is yet to form an AVVA, discuss how to best get the word out to ALL veteran’s spouses in your community(s) of the potential of spousal DIC. Certainly best to inform all before the veteran passes, and they’ve filed a claim and hopefully been approved for service-connection, however, I’m confident there are a bunch of veteran’s spouses who are missing out on DIC or other burial benefits all because either the veteran never filed a claim or they are unaware of the potential of DIC.
I’d start by educating all Funeral Homes and Hospice organizations in your area and work closely with your VSO(s). Have them contact your Chapter’s AVVA or your Chapter whenever a veteran passes. Have the Funeral Home(s)/Hospice contact your Chapter whenever a veteran passes.
I look forward to hearing and sharing any success stories your Chapter and/or your AVVA Chapter is having in getting the word out about DIC.
Thanks for all everyone is doing in support of veterans and their families,

VA Mission Act Urgent Care

Veterans who are enrolled in the VA healthcare system may use their urgent care benefit at  civilian urgent care facilities rather than go to the ER at VAMC Nashville or urgent care at VAMC Murfreesboro. Visit to find a participating urgent care clinic near you. Once at the website enter your location, use the drop down box under facility type and click URGENT CARE, all in-network urgent care, and hit search. That will generate urgent care clinics close to your location that fall under the mission act. When you go to one of these clinics make sure to use your VA Health Care ID and let the facility know you want to use VA coverage (Mission Act).

We have an amazing Gallatin VA clinic, but Gallatin IS NOT an urgent care clinic so please use your urgent care benefit at a nearby civilian location, when needed.

Army Veteran

Starting April 1, TVHS will continue to use the Beneficiary Travel Self-Service System (BTSSS) for travel claims, and we strongly encourage you to use the system for timely reimbursements. Unlike paper claims, with

BTSSS you can file multiple travel claims from your computer or smartphone, and you can see the status of your claims. By submitting your travel online, you can get paid within 5 days!

Now, we know not all Veterans are familiar with this, so the website provides you “how- to” videos and step-by-step instructions on how to get started. If you find you still have questions, give TVHS a call at 1-800-228-4973.

Jeff Oakey

County Service Officer

US Navy Retired

Sumner County Veterans 355 N. Belvedere Drive

Room 114

Gallatin TN 37066

Office: 615-451-6014

Fax: 615-442-1158

March 2022

Veteran Outreach

Each month we will have an accredited representative available to assist you away from our office in Gallatin. Note the date for Westmoreland and Portland this month!

04/07 Portland Library

301 Portland Blvd 1PM – 3PM